It’s easy to suck at multi-tasking.

Sure, you can do it … but that doesn’t mean you’re doing it effectively.

For me, the past couple of months have been a bit of blur. There was a pretty serious accident in the family, I’ve moved away from the yellow pages company and now work for a marketing agency, and my partner at wearabl has moved on to another project. All of this on top of multiple projects I’m trying to grow. Things just haven’t been going smoothly for me.

It wasn’t until recently I realized I’d been working without what I consider one of the most important tools in my creative process … my notebook.

Without my notebook, there’s no where to work when I’m in between places … there’s no where to organize my thoughts into actionable tasks, and there’s no where I can look when lost.

To me, the notebook isn’t just a tool … it’s a place.

If you find yourself struggling to produce your creative work, try jotting down a quick to do list. Whether or not you use a notebook doesn’t matter, just create a list of things you want to complete and then strive to complete them.

When you’ve completed your list, make another.

Christopher Rice

The Editor of Creativeblogger. Get more from him on Google+ and Twitter.