Are you ready to start a blog?

Do you know which software or service you want to use?

If you’re thinking about starting a blog, there are a few important decisions to make before moving forward – the software or service being one of the most important.


Because unlike the name, look, or focus of your blog, the blogging software or service you decide to use won’t be easy to change once you get started.

This is just one of the many reasons I recommend beginning bloggers start with WordPress in the first place … and if simplicity isn’t enough of a reason for you, consider these 38,435 other reasons to start a blog with WordPress.

Instagram has become one of the best places to share your creative work, attract a following, and reach people beyond your immediate groups of friends and family.

But that could all change in just a couple of months.

The Facebook-owned social network is ready to make serious money, so I wanted to explore what this could mean for creative artists using Instagram as their primary web presence.

[highlight color=”yellow”]On April 21st, Google will roll out a new algorithm update focused on a big aspect of user experience these days – mobile-friendliness.[/highlight]

Will this update be as dramatic as Panda?

No, probably not.

But it may impact how your content appears throughout the search results whenever someone uses their mobile device to search Google.

Here are eight things you can do to make your blog more mobile-friendly …

Making money from ads on your blog requires an insane amount of traffic.

That’s not to say making money from the web is out of the question — quite the contrary. Instead of depending on huge amounts of traffic to sell advertising, consider the following six types of businesses you can start at home with your blog.

These types of businesses still require a lot of work, but you don’t have to spend years building the foundation like you might if you planned on selling ad space on your blog.

Let’s take a look.

10 Signs Your Blog is Outdated

Is your blog outdated?

Forget about responsive design, parallax scrolling, and secure hosting for right now … let’s talk about the basics.

Implementing the latest trends online won’t help your website if you don’t have the basics nailed down, so instead of focusing on the responsive design and secure hosting I’d like to explore some of the more common reasons why a blog seems outdated as well as some suggested fixes.

Let’s start it off with one of the most misunderstood areas of your website.

Construction work at the TVA's Douglas Dam, Tenn.  (LOC)

If you’re interested in making a living from your creative work online with your blog, you need to understand one seemingly ignorable fact about blogging …

It takes time.

That doesn’t mean you should throw your plans out.

Start building today.

The earlier you start building the following three things for your blog, the earlier you’ll be able to move forward, reach milestones, and achieve a sustainable living from your creative work with your blog.

Let’s get started …

closeup of the word "focus" in newspapper type

Your sidebar might not be able to make a blog, but it can certainly break it.

There are countless plugins available for your sidebar ( assuming you’re using WordPress ), but that doesn’t mean you should use all of them.

Back when I reviewed over 100 blogs for the Feedback series at FuelYourBlogging, the most common problem related to distracting sidebars that didn’t help guide the visitor toward the blogger’s conversion goal.

You gotta’ keep it simple.

Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to create a sidebar that improves the user experience of your blog and helps you meet your conversion goals.

Change is fast. Our technology evolves at an unprecedented speed, enabling people to do more with less. The hungry business community caught on to this and went to work turning crazy ideas into products and services, which in turn had the power to provide independent, financial stability...